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Rogers Policy Statement

Below is the Will Rogers College Junior High and High School School Dress Codes. This policy is based on TPS’ School Board Student Dress Code Policy 2601 and 2601-R. Please note that this policy provides general guidelines to assist students in making responsible decisions about appropriate school attire. Any omission to this policy does not provide students with a valid excuse for dressing in a manner contrary to or that is not complimentary or respectful of the intent outlined by this Uniform Dress Code. Students who elect not to conform to the dress and grooming rules set forth by TPS School Board Policy 2601 and 2601-R and the Rogers College Junior High and High School Uniform Code will be subject to disciplinary actions and/or sanctions as defined by the TPS Behavior Response Plan. Rogers’ administration reserves the authority to determine if any specific individual, garment, or item is non-compliant with the dress code. The administration reserves the right to change this policy, if necessary, to ensure students’ safety.

School Board
Policy Statement

A student’s style of dress and/or grooming may reflect individual preference; however, such preferences must be selected within the constraints of reasonable rules and appropriate standards that are consistent with the maintenance of an effective learning atmosphere and good personal hygiene. The TPS School Board expects each student’s attire and grooming to promote a positive, safe and healthy environment within the school.

The Board has determined that reasonable regulation of school attire and personal adornment (2601-R, Student Dress Code) is within its authority and consistent with its responsibility to provide an appropriate environment for learning. Although the Board recognizes that individual students have a right to free expression, that right must be balanced with the Board’s responsibility to provide a safe, secure and orderly educational environment for all students.