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College Summit

College Summit Mission Statement

The goal of College Summit is to transform the lives of students by preparing them for advanced coursework, by developing academic and life skills that apply to school and beyond, and by establishing a clear post-secondary pathway for the future.

Instructional Goals

This course will lead students to post-secondary success as they prepare themselves for a rigorous post-secondary plan of study in high school and beyond. Throughout their four years of College Summit, students will receive personal guidance as they make choices about building their high school resume, determining a plan of study, narrowing down a future career, and enrolling in college, career, and other training options. Students will also participate in school and community activities during this class.

Contact Us

Amber Smith
College Summit Coordinator

College Summit students:

  • Demonstrate initiative to look up information you do not know or understand 
  • Ask questions and meet with teacher outside of class as necessary
  • Be able to stay on task and professional when utilizing electronic tools to aid in reading, writing, and research
  • Possess a curious mind, with the desire to ask questions and know more about others and the world around you
  • Stay focused and work hard on a rigorous and time-intensive workload
  • Set goals and reflect honestly on your progress
  • College Summit I, College Summit II, College Summit III, and College Summit IV are required for one credit each at Roger College High School