Ropers Concept
Known for its Art Deco architecture, former Will Rogers High School is known for its history and has begun its transformation to the new “Will Rogers College School.”  With the implementation of Project Schoolhouse, under Superintendent Dr. Keith Ballard, the renovation of Rogers College began its transformation in the 2011-2012 school year.  Rogers is now a college high school, where students' futures are now on the fast track to success by making its goal to prepare each student college-ready by their sophomore year.  The goal is for students to graduate their senior year with a high school diploma and college hours, enabling them to be ahead of the competition after high school. 

Rogers is already priding itself on the unique student culture and high expectations for student success.  Currently serving 7-12th grades.

Current feeder schools are Kendall-Whittier and Sequoyah elementary schools; however, only students willing to commit to the college program will be admitted.  All other remaining seats are awarded to other TPS students by lottery.

Rogers is becoming a sought-after path for educational success.  Tulsa Community College and Will Rogers Junior and Senior High Schools have already developed a partnership to achieve these goals.
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