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UPDATED: 5-14-17

7th & 8th Grade 2017-2018 Volleyball


NEW 7th/8th grade students enrolled & accepted into 

Will Rogers Jr. High for the 2017-2018 school year who would like 

to play volleyball may come to a volleyball try-out mid-July.

We need approx. 4-5 more girls for this coming season!

Please contact Coach Jankowski for more information: 




Congratulations to the following girls who already made the 

Jr. High Volleyball team:

Nathalie Jaurequi

Mitzy Herrera

Madelaine Jarvis

Kaitlyn Ruhmann

Lauryn McConnell

Jaliyah Landrum

Sheila Herrera

Samantha Arelleno

Arelis Lira

Mabely Martinez

Ceirra Collins

Amari Brown


Girls entering 7th or 8th Grade next year: Did you miss tryouts??

Contact Coach Jankowski to get info on how to try-out!



The Following are some questions you may have going into the season! 

Answers to these questions are below. 

Feel free to contact Coach Jankowski if you have any other questions!


Do Practices / Try-outs Cost anything?

Try-outs & Practices do NOT Cost anything!

Just know that if you are placed on a team, you will be required to purchase good Volleyball

shoes, Black Spandex, Black Knee Pads & possibly a Team Shirt!

Where do I go for try-outs & who do I ask for when I get there?

You will go to the back of the school to a large building named: Field House. 

We call this the RAC (Recreational Activity Center). You may enter though the front doors

of the RAC or go to the back doors. You may ask for Coach Jankowski or 

Coach Blackburn when you arrive. 


What happens once I get to the RAC for try-outs? What do you do at try-outs?

When you arrive for try-outs, you will be asked to give us your info such as your name,

grade level, e-mail, phone #'s, etc. You will also be given a try-out number to safety-pin to your back.

When we select players for teams, we use your try-out number so, don't forget it!

Try-outs last approx. 2 hours. We will give you instructions with our expectations & then we will begin.

Try-outs will be similar to a practice. We will teach you a skill or drill & then players will execute it to the

best of their ability. Don't worry if you have never played before, we are here to teach you

and are looking for someone who listens well, who is athletic, coach-able & able to learn quickly. 

We ask you to leave your try-out number when you leave.

Try-out results will be put on this website & on the classroom door of Coach Jankowski (Rm #125). 

What should I wear/bring to Practices & Try-outs?

1. Wear comfortable clothing that you can move in. Spandex or shorts are great!

    Sports-bra's must have a shirt worn over them. No Exceptions.

2. Bring Knee Pads - If you need to buy them, buy black.

3. You MUST wear TENNIS SHOES on the court. Sandals, just socks, etc. are not allowed to

    practice in. No Exceptions. No Shoes = No Practice

4. Bring Water for Practice; Bring a healthy snack for after school.

5. Bring a good attitude & come ready to work!


Can my Parent/Guardian come watch?

Yes. As long as they don't distract you or try to coach you.

Parents also need to know that the WHOLE TEAM takes the net down & put the balls up

BEFORE anyone leaves practice. So, don't leave practice until ALL equipment is 

taken care of. It's a TEAM EFFORT!


 How many teams are there for Jr. High & how many players are on each team?

We may be able to have 2 Jr. High Teams this year. If we have 2 teams, one will be an A team & 

one will be a B team.  Teams will have approx. 10 girls on each team. I may put more on a team

to ensure that we have enough to play during the season. If we can't have two teams, there will be approx. 16 girls

on one team so that when we travel to other districts, we can split our team into two & have

more playing time for all the girls. Girls MUST have passing grades in-order to play! 

If you cannot keep your grades up, you will be replaced during the season.


How do you select your Jr. High Volleyball Teams?

There are many factors that go into selecting a volleyball team for Jr. High.

One being Grades (yes, I check before selecting ANY Player for a team). 

Another one is, are you Coachable? Do you listen to your coaches instructions and adjust 

accordingly during practices?  Are you athletic? ... meaning, can you jump, move, anticipate, etc.  

Do you get along with others around you? Are you going to be a TEAM Player?

Do you use positive body lanquage & talk in a positive manner around your teammates?

Would you be someone who would commit to ALL practices? Do you have a Good Attitude on & off 

the court toward your teammates, coaches, etc?

These are only a few things we look at when selecting team!

What  happens if my student needs to stop being on the team due to family issues, grades, etc?

Parents & Player should have a meeting with your coach and explain the circumstances. 

Once a player is off the team, she may not be allowed back on that team - THAT YEAR until approved 

by the coach of that team & Coach Jankowski. Players are normally NOT let back onto a team 

once they drop or let go from it. Players may try-out next year for the next season.

Once I make a team, then what?

After May 10th, you will be required to get a Physical and fill-out forms on www.rankonesport.com. 

Coach Jankowski will give you more instructions as we move forward. 

Girls are expected to come to all team camps & scrimmages in the summer. Our official

season starts on July 20th but team camps, scrimmages & other things start in June/July.

Equipment needs: You will also need to get black knee pads, black spandex (no less than a 2" inseam) 

and good court shoes. Brand does not matter but please buy good Volleyball shoes & not Basketball shoes. 

Ask Coach Jankowski or Coach Blackburn if you have any questions on equipment needs.

If you should have any other questions or concerns, please contact Coach Jankowski at:


Students MUST have passing grades to play any sport.
- Students may wear comfortable clothes to practices. 
NO Sports Bras without shirts during practices. Spandex are okay.
- No tight or revealing clothing during practices. Modest is Hottest!!
- Bring knee pads if you have them. If you don't & want to buy them, buy BLACK
- Students MUST be coachable & have a good attitude ... 
   willing to learn & work hard!
- We will have 2 Jr High Teams this year so plan to come out for Volleyball!!


For more information contact:

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