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UPDATED 5-14-17

Any Students who are New & Enrolled to Will Rogers HS who would like to try-out for Volleyball

may contact Coach Jankowski at:  jankoju@tulsaschools.org

A Try-out for new students coming into Rogers will be held (as needed) mid-July.

Congratulations to the students who have been selected below for the 2017-2018 Volleyball Season!


2017-2018 Rogers HS Volleyball Players:

Y2 Amy

Y3 Alyric

Y4 Rosalyn

Y5 Topanga

Y8 Jacque

Y11 Alexis

Y13 Zoe

Y14 Haley

Y15 Francis

Y16 Erin

Y17 Morgan

Y19 Haillie

Y21 Abigail

1      Lilly

2      Jewel

3      Micah

4      Jasmine

6      Anaheim

7      Bridgette

8      Angel

9      Zoe Marie

11    Drew

13    Janet

14    Alondra

20    Dionna

21    Ximena

23    Brandi

26    Dae’janae

27    Mirelle

28    Eyona

30    Katelyn D.

31    Skylar W.

33    Athziri

34    Kirsten

37    Ilana

No # Jaela Sanderson

No # Toni Talent

101   Ojari

102  Brayeon Colbert




For more information contact Coach Jankowski:


Students MUST have passing grades to play any sport.

- Students may wear comfortable clothes to practices.

We shall not practice by Sport Bras Alone

- No tight or revealing clothing during practices. Modest is Hottest!!

- Bring knee pads if you have them. If you don't & want to buy them, buy BLACK
- Students MUST be coachable & have a good attitude ... Think TEAM FIRST!
   willing to learn & work hard!




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