Sport Schedules

Krystel Markwardt 

Athletic Director




Sporting Event Game Security

TPS students must have their student ID in order to attend TPS athletics contests that their school is participating in.  If they do not attend one of the schools playing that night, they will NOT be allowed to enter unless they are with a parent.

Junior high students must be accompanied by an adult when attending high school games.  Unaccompanied JH students will NOT be allowed to enter.

All spectators will need to be seated in the stadium or gymnasium during the course of any event.  No loitering will be allowed.

Patrons who leave the stadium or gym will NOT be allowed to re-enter without purchase of another ticket.

The 3rd quarter is “EXIT ONLY”.  Tickets will not be sold after the third quarter begins! NO RE-ENTRY!”

Electronic Forms for Athletes

The majority of paper forms required to participate in athletics 

have been converted in to an online process to streamline the 

completion and collection of these forms.

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